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How to Use Online Video Editors to Produce Great Films

Video editing is the process of cutting, enhancing and assembling motion video production footage, visual effects and audio recordings in the “post-production,” the final stage, process of producing video or film. A well edited video can help you transform “everyday videos and photos” into exciting and memorable movies you’ll want to watch again and again. Video editor software and apps help you take raw film footage and turn it into a polished final product. There are a number of online video editors that you can use to get the effects you need, however we’re going to focus on a few select online video editing programs that, as Magisto (one of the popular online video editors) puts it, are “free, quick, and easy as pie!”


WeVideo is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, cloud-based collaborative video creation platform with over 20 unique built-in themes that make it easier to edit videos – especially for beginners. You can chose the theme you like, similar to Instagram’s filters, and then apply the theme to your video in and add your unique twist to ensure your video is unique. WeVideo has the ability to turn a mediocre video into something that’s presentable and can be taken home to meet your parents.

While WeVideo can be used to edit personal videos and make them look more professional, most of its users create videos for professional and educational activities . WeVideo is ideal for students and people on the “go” because it uses a cloud-based editor format. The cloud makes it easy for for project teams or groups of students to connect more easily. WeVideo has an undisrupted connection with Dropbox and other cloud-based file storage services, which makes uploading your footage or video efficient and easy.


Magisto creates memorable videos in three quick steps. To get the system up and running, you select the video you wish to use, add a music track, then add a theme – you are done!

What sets Magisto apart from the rest is its use of their definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology to analyze, understand, and  pick the best parts of your video to be edited together in order to make a good video.  As Oren Boiman, CEO and founder of Magisto puts it “Magisto utilizes unprecedented Al technology for analyzing and understanding your videos and editing them accordingly,” which is unlike any of the other online editors. He goes on to say, “If you upload related clips from an event, Magisto will help you share the story, where other tools will still be random samples.”

Youtube Video Editor

The Youtube Video Editor has reasonably basic tools, but if you are looking to make simple changes such as clipping the video here and there, changing the music up, or adding creative commons licensed videos to improve your video, then YouTube’s video editor may be just fine for you. It is simple and effective if you’re in need of a quick fix in order to get the perfect video.

Video Toolbox

If you are looking for a free online video editor that comes packed with more than the typical bells and whistles, then Video Toolbox maybe the editor you’re looking for. Video Toolbox does not compromise quality and can actually process files of up to 600 MB. Depending on the types of video you’re creating, this is more than enough to create a well developed video clip. Video Toolbox offers a lot of features not found with the other video editors on this list. From the ability to create small advertisement clips, to finalizing small to medium sized films.


Pixorial can be used to edit videos of any length while maintaining the quality of the video or upgrading it. You can use a wide range of filters to edit your video or image in just a few clicks.

Pixorial also has a publishing feature, which is great if you are looking for ways to advertise yourself or your company. You can also create client testimonials which will add that extra bit of professionalism and authority to the video. The learning curve for Pixorial is fast, therefore it will not take you long to master the art of video editing.

Update: As of July 2014, Pixorial has shut it’s doors. 


FileLab offers over 24 different video effects including a Sketch filter so you can take your videos to another level without much effort. “Minimum input maximum output” is the theory which applies when using the FileLab online video editor. FileLab supports several different formats and with over 50 transitions between scenes available to the producer, it has very quickly become one of the most commonly used online video editing tools.

There are several others that didn’t make the list, not because they weren’t worth it, but because these services covered most of the features needed to get a young video entrepreneur started.

Which video editor is your favorite? Leave us a comment below and tell us!

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