Using an iPad and iOS apps to make professional video

Make Videos With Your iPhone or iPad Like a Pro Using These 8 iOS Apps

In the past, producing great video content meant having an expensive video camera and owning your own video editing suite installed on a fairly powerful desktop computer. Today, however, you can make videos with your iPhone or iPad. With nothing more than what you probably already have lying around you can capture, edit, add music and share your video content with the world without a ton of cash or a lot of training.

Many people who own an iPhone also like to capture video with it; and why not? It is usually within arm’s reach and capable of capturing 1080p resolution video, which is perfectly suitable for any sized high definition screen. (Disclaimer: We think that taking photos and video with an iPad looks silly, though we do use an iPad for a video production monitor.)

While many of the iOS apps we are going to cover in this article do “double duty,” meaning that they are capable of more than one function, these iPad and iPhone apps generally excel in just one or two primary functions:

  • Apps that improve the built-in video camera and add in-camera effects
  • Editing captured video footage
  • Creating videos from pictures saved to your iPhone or iPad
  • Adding Video effects and enhancements to edited video
  • Apps for adding music to your videos
  • Social sharing apps for mobile video

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Apps that Improve iOS Camera Functionality and In-camera Effects

While the camera on an iPhone and iPad is certainly good enough for most consumer video needs, its feature set and capabilities aren’t exactly on par with most capable video cameras. There are, however, several apps available that adds functions like digital zoom, stabilization and other lens effects while you shoot. Of the apps I reviewed, Top Camera was my favorite.

Top Camera 2 ($2.99)
Top Camera 2 - Shooting video with an iPhone - HDR, Slow Shutter, Night and more - Photo Video Editor and FiltersThe Top Camera 2 app adds a variety of camera enhancements, functionality and unique effects to your iOS device. I like that this app is laid out in a no-nonsense, intuitive and easy to use way. Top Camera features an amazing slow shutter mode, high quality video recording, excellent High Dynamic Range (HDR) shooting and the smart use of folders for file management. Of the apps I tested, I felt like Top Camera helped me to be more creative with the unedited camera footage.

I also tested and enjoyed Camera Genius ($2.99), Camera+ Pro ($1.99), iMajiCam2 (£ 0.69), 8mm Vintage Camera ($1.99) and VideoCam 3D (free).

Video Editing Apps for iPhones and iPads

To make GREAT videos with your iPhone or iPad you are probably going to want to at least do some light editing before screening the final movie with your friends or customers. Editing means that you are selecting, trimming and arranging video clips, adding in transitions, cleaning up the audio track and rendering the finished product into a digital file. Of the video editors I tried, I felt that the free version of Pinnacle Studio was perfect for me.

Pinnacle Studio ($2.99)
iOS Pinnacle Studio App for iPhone and iPadWith the Pinnacle Studio iOS app all you have to do with this app is to import and arrange your clips in an easy to use storyboard, make simple edits using the timeline and add high quality transitions, effects and a soundtrack and you’re all set. Of course, if you want to edit your video with over-the-top professional grade features and advanced tools you can output your project to Pinnacle Studio’s desktop software ($59.95 – $129.95). Once your video is edited, you can share the final version in 1080p HD directly on YouTube or Facebook, or send it to your Dropbox folder.

Other video editing apps deserving a noteworthy mention include Splice ($3.99), ReelDirector ($1.99), Video Editor+ ($ 1.99) and Video Edit ($2.99)

Creating Videos from Pictures Saved to Your iPhone or iPad

VideoPix: Video Frame Capture & Slow Motion Player ($0.99)
VideoPix - Video frame grabber, slow motion editor, and an enhanced video playerWith the VideoPix app you can make slideshow videos with your iPhone and iPad. Not only can you turn the photos (and videos) you have on your mobile device into stunning videos, this app also allows you to add some dramatic playback speeds; replay the video in normal motion, fast motion or slow motion. Personally, I also like the video “screengrab” function in which I can pause the video then navigate frame by frame to save perfectly timed pictures from my videos back onto my iPhone.

Other iOS apps for creating stunning slideshow videos from from photos saved to your mobile devices include Moving Photos ($1.99) and Fotoslides ($1.99).

iOS Apps for Adding Video Effects and Enhancements While Editing

MovieSlate ($24.99)
MovieSlate® Clapperboard Shot Log for iPhone and iPadThe MovieSlate app is not only used to add video effects and enhancements but it also includes an all-in-one digital slate, clapper board and a notepad that can be used for film, interviews, TV, documentaries and music videos. This app saves valuable time by allowing me to capture footage, log it and create reports while shooting. MovieSlate’s price may have you in sticker shock but this app is worth every penny. This is the one app, of them all, I felt stood on its own as a as a professional tool which made video production on my smartphone easier and less complicated.

Other after effects apps I recommend you check out include Videolicious (Free), Game Your Video ($1.99), Silent Film Director ($2.99), TiltShift Video ($1.99), VideoGrade Color Editor for Video ($4.99), Slowmo ($0.99), Gun Movie FX (Free) and Vibop ($1.99)

Adding Music to Your Mobile Videos

YouTube Capture (Free)
YouTube Producer for iPhone and iPadThe YouTube Capture app native to YouTube provides a mind numbing number of background music track suitable for genre or type of video you can imagine. You don’t have to worry about digital rights management or violating their copyright terms if you post your video to YouTube either.

iMusicVideo ($2.99)
iMusicVideo - Video Soundtrack Maker for iPhones and iPadsThis iMusicVideo app lets you add a suitable soundtrack to any video and also lets you share the final product via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr or through email, MMS and several other sharing methods.

InstaVideo (Free)
InstaVideo - Add music to videos, video editor, join videos with background music maker for iPhone and iPadTo create an edited music video on your iOS device the InstaVideo app take you through steps that are really easy to follow. All you have to do is pick some video clips from your iPhone or iPad and select a soundtrack from your own music library. Bam! In seconds, your movie is edited with your favorite music added automatically!

Sharing Your Finished Videos with Friends and Your Social Networks

Capshare Video Editor for Social Sharing (Free)
Capshare Video Editing for Social Sharing AppWith Capshare Video Editor for Social Sharing you can share your mobile videos on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube; you can also send them to friends via email or SMS. I think that Capshare has the most fully integrated private video sharing method in the mobile arena. Klip features unlimited free uploads and no (software) limits to the length of the videos you can store on your device.

Other free software for social/sharing video apps include YouTube (Free), Vimeo (Free), Magisto Magical Video Editor (Free), Socialcam Video Camera (Free), Viddy (Free), HighlightCam Social Video Editor (Free) and Vyclone (Free)

With any of the above iOS mobile apps you can capture, edit, add effects and music with no more equipment than you most likely already own (or you probably wouldn’t be reading this article about iPad and iPhone apps). Now get out there and make videos with your iPhone or iPad like a professional!

And why not take that a step further and make some money while doing it? Become a video entrepreneur!

This article mainly focuses on different efficient video apps available for iOS devices – namely the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. We address apps for Android smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in another article

Do you have a favorite iPhone or iPad app for creating video content that you cannot live without? Tell us about them in the comments below!

Izzie BaylinIssak Baylin is a freelance video entrepreneur specializing in wedding videography. Izzie (as he is affectionately known) is from Tel Aviv, Israel and is passionate about technology and smartphone app development. He can be reached through the editor.


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