Make Videos with Your Android Smartphone or Tablet

Make Videos With Your Android Smartphone or Tablet Using These 7 Great Apps

If you want to make videos with your Android smartphone or tablet you’re in luck. An Android smartphone is a powerhouse for carrying out multiple tasks on-the-go simply due to its high mobility, display screen technology and unprecedented computing power; they’re certainly more convenient at run-and-gun videography than DSLR rigs because everything you need to produce (hassle-free) video content can fit into your pocket or purse. Almost every new Android mobile phone and tablet features a high quality in-built camera and supports high definition (HD) video recording right out of the box.

Whether you are a professional freelance videographer, an aspiring filmmaker or just someone who loves to create videos on their smartphone of mobile device and spread them online, it’s important that you have the right tools for your activity. There has never been a better time than today if you want to make videos with your android smartphone or tablet. Producing and uploading a video is super simple these days and just about anyone can do it. High quality video cameras are within easy reach of almost every consumer these days. The technology that’s packed into our mobile smartphones and tablets that fit easily into our pockets and purses is nothing short of awe inspiring. However, creating videos professionally or for video marketing purposes requires skill, creativity and experience. In the right hands, it is no wonder that professional video makers are turning to smartphones and tablets. The content they are creating today is astonishing and will continue to get better as smarter apps and refined accessories come into the market.

If you want to make videos with your Android smartphone or tablet, here are 7 Android apps I think are best right now for capturing, video making, video editing and enhancing your final movie right from your mobile device:

Clesh Video Editor ($17.08)

make videos with your android smartphone or tablet ad clesh video editorThis high quality video editor platform allows you to add effects to your video files and create rich and high quality video outputs. It is a complete and versatile video editing solution for professionals and video enthusiasts. It comes with over 100 different features which are updated with new versions. According to cNET, Clesh Video Editor is “…the most feature-rich video editing application available for any smartphone or tablet.” It also offers 5GB free cloud space for the users to save video files on the go.

While it is the most expensive app in our list, if want to make videos with your android smartphone or tablet, Clesh is like the Cadillac of video editors among the family sedans in the rest of our list.

This application supports cloud video editing which is a great feature for a top-of-the-line mobile device video editing experience. You may easily rotate and flip your videos, accurately trim video frames with integrated audio tracks, add vivid effects and slow the motion of any selected section of a video.

KineMaster (Free)

make videos with your android smartphone or tablet and kinemaster pro video editorKineMaster is a video editing tool for Android with a full suite of video editing features. The drag-and-drop system allows you to easily add effects and media elements to your video without having to do it manually. You can import various media files to this tool, and edit them together to create a professional video that you can share with others. You can also improve the quality of your videos, as well as adding various elements such as texts, voices, translations, music, and so on.


Screencast Video Recorder ($3.99)

make videos with your android smartphone or tablet and screencast video recorderScreencast Video Recorder is a high quality screenshot capturing software which can work in the background and capture the screen at multiple frame rates. If you want to make videos with your Android smartphone or tablet like explainer videos or how-to videos on your mobile device, Screencast Video Recorder is perfect. This Android app specializes in recording both the video on your device’s display and audio simultaneously to produce a high quality MPEG4 screencast videos of your smartphone or mobile device. Conveniently, you can trigger it to automatically capture the screen (a screenshot) or manually record the screen by holding the search key on your mobile.

Secret Video Recorder Pro ($6.99)

make videos with your android smartphone or tablet and secret video recorder proIf you want to make videos with your android smartphone or tablet and need to be completely discreet about it this great video stealth tool is now available for your Android mobile device. It is the only secret video recording application available on the market which supports high quality background recording. It has been rated 5/5 star by cNET for its high degree performance and total ‘secret activity’ features such as no camera shutter sound, no preview, no conspicuous notifications and, especially, the app keeps recording the video while the screen is turned off. This application also allows you to make and receive phone calls while recording video. Video recording can be started and stopped with a single touch. High resolution video recording is supported up to full HD 1920×1080 recording. It automatically splits video files so that you can record large video files onto your SD card until it is full. Privacy is re-assured with a strong password protection mechanism.


Movie Edit Touch (Free)

make videos with your android smartphone and video maker proThe Video Maker Pro is a professional movie studio app for Android that offers a lot of video editing features just like a professional video editing suite on many PCs. With this app, you can easily trim and cut your videos, as well as combine various media files into the video editing timeline. It has a special feature that allows you to create a professional looking movie with your Android smartphone, tablet or device. You can also create a professional slide presentation with this app, with the capability of adding effects to each individual image.

Vidstitch Pro – Video Collage ($2.99)

make videos with your android smartphone or tablet and vidstitch pro video collageVidstitch Pro – Video Collage is a cool video app with a great user-interface that is full of features which allow high quality video merging and editing to produce multimedia-rich files. Combine videos and photos to create motion pictures for Instagram; this application is optimized for a great Instagram experience. You may also share the videos directly to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It has been reviewed by its many satisfied users for simplicity and high quality output. The fluid and smooth editing menu enhances user experience to conveniently edit the files with no hassle. Despite its small size, this application also supports music cropping. If you want to make videos with your Android smartphone or tablet specifically to share to social media Vidstitch Pro is for you.


WeVideo (Free)

make videos with your android smartphone or tablet and wevideo video editorWeVideo is a video editing app for Android with all-in-one video editing features, allowing you to create your own professional videos and share it with others on social media. There are various nice themes that you can apply to your videos, each with their own music and visual designs. This Android video editing app can be used to make videos with your Android smartphone with exceptional quality. My favorite feature is the ability to add a soundtrack to my videos by adding music from my smartphone’s media gallery.


Do you make videos with your Android smartphone or mobile tablet? Do you have a favorite video recording or video editing app that we’ve not included above? We want to hear your opinion, too. Tell us about your go-to Android apps or mobile video techniques in the comments below!

Izzie BaylinIssak Baylin is a freelance video entrepreneur specializing in wedding videography. Izzie (as he is affectionately known) is from Tel Aviv, Israel and is passionate about technology and smartphone app development. He can be reached through the editor.

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