8 Tips on Creating a Marketing Video for Beginners

Anyone can make videos to advertise a brand and become famous on the internet. But, if you want to sell a service, you have to act professional to get conversions. Vlogs are one thing, but marketing videos take time to plan and execute. The following are 8 tips on how to create a marketing video – that converts – for beginners .

Plan the Video

First of all, you have to have a plan for the video you want to create. Ask yourself what product you want to advertise in the video and brainstorm a few storylines for it. After you got some ideas for the storyline, write down all the short bullet points on paper. Decide how long you want the video to be. This decision may affect where you want to publish the videos.

Get Ready the Camera Gear

The easiest way to increase the quality of the video is to buy quality camera gear. It will be best if you can buy a dedicated DSLR camera. However, if you have a small budget, you can just use your smartphone for video recording. Then, when you have some money from your products, you can invest in video recording equipment.

If you are using a DSLR camera, you should use a solid tripod to keep it still during recording. A video without sound will not be interesting so you have to invest in a microphone. You may also want to invest in other equipment like lighting, and background scenes.

Add Captions to Video

You miss out on a ton of audiences if you don’t add captions to your video. If you add captions, people will be able to watch your video without turning on the sound. There are many situations where people watch videos without sounds: library, airplanes, in bed, or office workplace. Additionally, people like to read captions when they catch up with what the speaker is talking about. You must use easy to read font for the captions in the video. This means the text should be plain and not fancy.

Add Call to Actions

If you want to get conversions,  end your video with call to actions. Call to actions are things that tells the audience what to do after they’ve finished watching your video. What do you want them to do? – learn more about the products, call a number, visit URL? You can make the call to action prominent, for example, display all the characters in caps so that the audience will see them.

Reduce Your Video Size before Uploading

When you upload your video, you don’t want it to be too large otherwise it will be hard for you to upload. You can reduce the size of the video to just the size you want to display on the video-sharing platform, for example, 480p (854×480), or 720p (1280×720). Using the crop tool on a video editor, you can crop a video to the necessary size.

Maintain Consistent Branding

You need to maintain a consistent branding in your videos. You can set up a special background which you use every time you film the video, or you can put your brand name in the same positions on all the clips you make. Wear the same shirt when you host the show. The shirt can have the brand of your channel. Create a branded intro so that people will know they are watching your channel every time they see it. The branded intro must have the same design and same background audio in all the videos that are posted on your account.

Be Genuine to Your Audience

Make a video that caters to the needs of the audience. Don’t just make videos about your product, give your visitors and audience something of value. More product videos is not the solution to lack of sales. Instead, try to make informational videos that offer tips on hacks that are relevant to your niche. There is no need to try too hard and provide rare tips on things that people don’t need to know. Just share some common sense tips that people frequently need to use… they will keep coming back to watch your videos fore more.

Create an Interesting Thumbnail

The video needs to have a title and thumbnail that will capture the audience attention. For the thumbnail, you can use any scene in the video that can get the curiosity of the audience to watch it. You can press the PrtScn button to take a screenshot of the interesting scene and use it as a thumbnail. You can create the thumbnail based on more than one interesting scenes, and characters.

I hope these tips can help!

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