Things to keep in Mind While Editing Drone Photos

Drones have become a crucial part of a good photographer’s arsenal in the last couple of years.

When they emerged from the drawing boards and eventually the factories, their price tag didn’t exactly fit everyone’s budget. It was almost exclusive to professionals. But it’s 2019! Drones have dropped in price significantly and have been available for pennies on the dollar for a couple of years now. Since they have become easy to reach, amateur photographers, along with professional photographers, have been playing around with their photography and video functions.

Using drones to photograph anything is a great way to get yourself some fantastic aerial shots that you can’t get in any other way. It also has excellent use in professional photography, offering you the chance to take photos of properties, events, and nature from any angle! The of drones use is extremely versatile and offers both videos and photographs in stunning HD resolutions. If you play your cards right, and practice a little, you can make your money back in no time using a drone.

Numerous studies show that the fastest way to sell a house is if the house is photographed thoroughly, and there is no easier way to do this than with a drone. Now, taking a professional and HD photo with your drone is not the end of your work. Every fantastic photo can be made that much better with some quick and simple editing. Here are ten exceptional photography and editing tips you should keep in mind when making or editing drone photos.

Flip the perspective

Drones can offer you a stunning angle that no other type of photography can, an aerial view! Take full advantage of this stunning view to create the best possible photo. Aerial photos offer you compelling advantages to basic photos, as everything can have an interesting 2D/3D perspective based on what you photograph. Drones offers you limitless possibilities to do whatever you like, in a new and exciting way. Keep in mind that this is a different perspective than you’re used to. It will take a while to get used to the flight mechanics, perspectives, and styles – so go out and do.

Look for symmetry

Symmetry is also something you can achieve when using the aerial shot through the drone. There is much more symmetry in your surroundings than you might think, and it’s always appealing to the eye. Architects build symmetry into their buildings and constructions. Exploit this to its fullest potential using your drone!

Find dividing lines

Finding dividing lines between the objects or things you are photographing can make a beautiful photo. This is a great way to shape the composition of your images and provide an exciting project as you’re learning different ways of editing drone photos. It’s also very pleasant to the eye, so it’s an easy sell if you decide to cash in on your work!

By Taneli Lahtinen

Capture unique patterns

Unique patterns are a great way to make a perfect photograph. Trust us – you have no idea how many unique patterns you have around you! You must look at it through your new bird’s eye perspective!

By Steven Diaz

Take an aerial panorama

Panorama photographs are and have always been stunning, but aerial panoramas are simply breathtaking. You can capture a whole lot of perfect photographs if you fly high, rotate, take a snap, and repeat! The bigger, the better!

Find contrasting colors

There is nothing prettier in anything than looking for contrasts that sort of melt together incredibly well. Looking at objects that are contrasting in any way, colors, shapes, sizes, or anything is much better with your new aerial perspective. If the contrasts aren’t sharp enough, don’t worry! You can fix this in the editing process.

By Martin Sanchez

Reinvent the selfie

Selfies are fun and have been on the front pages of all of our social media for ages now. Ever since the introduction of the selfie camera on our smartphones, our lives haven’t been the same.

But why stop yourself at smartphones. Do you think that one amazing selfie from the top of the mountain is the best you can do? Don’t be silly! Reinvent the selfie with your drone, and you can make any setting look dashing. There is nothing more impressive than a lovely selfie with a drone, and there is nothing simpler than taking it!

Look for repetition

Repetition in photographs is not a bad thing. Repetition is familiarity, and familiarity is always good. Search your surroundings that look precise and arranged and snap your perfect photo.

This is more common than you might think. Take your drone outside of your house or building – you’ll find the repetition and careful arrangement of the architecture in your local area. It might not look it’s best through a close-up, but it’s sure to look dashing from the air.

Capture shadows

There is nothing that adds dimension or contrasts better to a photograph of an object than a well-placed shadow. Shadows can turn a good photo into an astonishing one.

Even if there aren’t any shadows, you can always add them in later if you’re good at editing. If you are terrific at editing drone photos and you have some mad Photoshop skills, try to give your photograph some room to be edited. If your photo has no shadows, make sure it has room for them. You can spot fake shadows no problem, but you can’t spot anything if you’ve taken the photo with the later addition in mind. If you don’t have editing skills, hire companies like Back office Pro Team to edit the images for you.

Shoot the horizon

Horizon photographs have always been breathtaking. You can combine all the tips in this article to take the perfect photo of the horizon, and you’re sure to make a perfect photo every single time. Horizons always provide your photo with life and depth, that no other images can. There is just something about them.

Drones are an outstanding way to take amazing photos. There is no doubt about it. Sadly, since their emergence, they have been restricted by law in some places, so be sure to check if they are legal in your area! Don’t worry, though – most places only require you to fill out a form or apply for a permit. You should be taking incredible photos and starting up your new business in no time!

Ruben Roel

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