How YouTubers can increase the number of views for their videos organically without paying a dime to a marketer or anybody else.

5 Smart Ways to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

Every YouTuber wants to generate more views because it will increase their followers and generate more revenue for them. Most of the time beginners fail to fully appreciate how they can broaden their audience base by implementing a few smart techniques in their videos.

Therefore, without any further ado, we will tell how YouTubers can increase the number of views for their videos organically without paying a dime to a marketer or anybody else.

Techniques that we are about to tell you are very simple to implement and at the same time very effective in the long run to get more views consistently. Don’t Worry! We won’t recommend you any Black Hat SEO techniques.

Let’s get started!  

Create a Mesmerizing Channel Video Trailer

A trailer absolutely works! All the YouTubers in the world can take a lesson from Hollywood flicks how they create a spellbound trailer of an entire movie for just 60 seconds. Basically, a trailer captures the imagination of the audience and gets them to watch the entire movie even if the 2 hrs long movie itself is pretty mediocre.

Similarly, trailers for YouTube videos will catch the eyeballs of your viewers and keep them bringing back to your channel to watch more videos. A trailer video doesn’t have to be more than 60 seconds. You can easily create a powerful and engaging welcome video describing yourself, your channel and the purpose of the channel.

If you are new to creating trailer videos then you can search for other established YouTubers who have already created truly inspirational and engaging trailer videos. If you master the art of creating compelling trailer videos then you will definitely notice an increase in the traffic coming to your channel.

Create and Incorporate a Viewing Loop in Your Videos

If you want to increase your channel’s subscriber then you can incorporate a “Viewing Loop” feature into your videos. This feature will help to convert most of your viewers into subscribers. A viewing Loop feature prompt viewers to watch more relevant videos that you have created by forming a loop forcing people to stay glued to a series of videos.

You might have noticed this before watching videos on other channels. While you are watching a video, a banner will appear on the top suggesting you to watch another relevant video from the same channel. You also get a suggestion to watch more videos from the same creator at the end of a video. 

You can take advantage of this feature in two ways. The first one is by adding in-video clickable links, and the second one is by adding “Watch Next” Videos. There are many video tutorials on YouTube that can tell you how you can do it. It takes just a few minutes to implement it!  

Create a Playlist and Add Videos to It

Creating a playlist is one of the most overlooked ways to get more views by the YouTubers. Once your channel starts getting a substantial number of viewers then you need to categorize all your videos using Playlist feature. Viewers will find it very easy to go through all of your videos in an organized manner. This will allow viewers to stay longer on your channel reducing the bounce rate.

While creating a playlist give an appropriate name to it that includes a keyword. Then write a detailed description of the playlist adding few more keywords. By doing this you are also optimizing your channel for SEO (because playlists do appear in search results). To put it simply, your channel becomes more discoverable among viewers.

Connect Your YouTube Channel with Your Website or Blog

This is an indirect way to increase the number of views for your channel. By linking a YouTube channel with your blog or a website you verify your channel as an official representation of your brand on YouTube. This further helps to build your channel’s authority among the viewers.

Connecting your channel with a website is also great for SEO purposes as it increases the channel’s visibility in the YouTube search engine. You can go to Creator Studio, under the “Channel” setting in Advanced section you can add website link and fill in the Channel Keywords box with all the necessary keywords.

Create a Brand for Your Channel

Today there are hundreds of other YouTubers who are also competing for the same viewership space. Competition is very tough and if you want to stay ahead then you got to beat it.

The best way to do it is by creating a brand for your channel. Don’t get intimidated when I say the word branding. You don’t have to hire a branding company for branding your channel. You can create a brand of your own by just making your channel visually appealing to the audiences.

  • You can create great cover art for your channel describing you and what your channel is all about. The message that you want to convey to your viewers must be loud and clear which they can relate easily.
  • You can use some creativity to make viral content to get more views for your brand.
  • Always include a website and social media links below the banner.
  • Branding will definitely help you to establish your identity and let users recognize your channel instantly.

 To implement above-mentioned ways you just have to go to Creator Studio and apply the necessary changes. It is very simple!

Other Great Ways to Get More Views

These are the five free, effective and easy to implement ways to get more views to your YouTube videos. There are some other ways also you can learn to get more views.

  • Create a Transcript of Your Videos so that people can read the video content. This will help you to get a more international audience who can’t understand the language you are creating your video in.
  • You can interview other YouTube influencers in your niche. By doing this you will grab the attention of people who are already following the influencer you are interviewing. 

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