Freelance Video Professionals Can Travel the World

20 Ways to Make Money While Traveling the World With Your Video Camera

How many times have you caught yourself daydreaming about traveling the world, soaking in the sights, flavors and cultures of every corner- and suddenly awakened by the reality that you are attached to your job and you must squeeze all of your travels into the three or four weeks of vacation you have earned?

Well, this no longer has to be the case; Vtreps can make money while traveling!

VideoToOrder.com - Video Marketplace to Buy and Sell VideoIn today’s new freelance and micro job business climate, it is becoming more and more popular to work while you travel around the world living a nomadic lifestyle. Video marketplaces for freelance video professionals and video entrepreneurs (Vtreps), like VideoToOrder.com, offer those with a video camera or smartphone and video related skills the opportunity to make great money from almost anywhere in the world!

The Benefits of Travel for Nomadic Video Freelancers are Endless!

Working and traveling simultaneously offers a sense of freedom and independence. Today you are in Miami; tomorrow you are in Morocco. If you make money while traveling then you create your own itinerary, and there is no need to settle down. You can taste the world. Why not work with your feet in the sand under the warm, tropical sun? Prefer the cool mountains or fields of flowers along the countryside? It is totally your choice! You no longer need to be tied to a desk from 9:00 – 5:00. You are able to set your own hours and work pace. If you prefer to work at night and go to museums and sight-seeing during the day; you can. You may not be in charge of each of your assignments, but you sure can be in charge of your work environment, your dress code and even the hours in which you work.

Now that’s workplace freedom!

As a “digital video nomad”, you are able to save more money than your fellow office-bound colleagues. While you will initially spend a little extra on flights, train trips, and other modes of transportation, you will find that this traveling lifestyle affords many opportunities to build a savings account. The majority of digital nomads no longer have mortgages. Additionally, they no longer have car payments, car insurance, electricity, cable TV, or expenses associated with monthly utilities. While this may not seem like a great deal of money, it all adds up quickly.

One digital nomad has realized a monthly savings of $2,658. This is based on the following:

  • Mortgage = $1,500;
  • Car Payment = $450;
  • Insurance = $65;
  • Electricity = $275;
  • Water = $25;
  • Landscaping = $100;
  • Satellite TV = $198;
  • Telephone = $45.

As you can see, an additional $2,658 of income each month will go a long way to paying for your apartment rental and/or hotel bill each month.

You would actually be surprised at how inexpensive it can be to travel long-term.

In addition to saving money on monthly bills, you will also be saving money on expenditures. You will find that as a digital nomad, you actually need fewer things. As a result, you make fewer purchases. As you travel, you no longer find yourself attached to things such as a sofa, a plasma TV, the latest washer/dryer combo, or the 50 pairs of shoes you ‘just had to have.’ You begin to place a much greater value on experiences and people you encounter along the way. By doing so, not only will you be able to parlay the money you save on “stuff” into some amazing experiences, you will begin to develop a much more interesting and fulfilled life.

The digital nomad lifestyle affords you more time to really learn about the culture and the people that surround you and do the things that you really enjoy. Every culture enjoys food and cooking. Yet every corner of the world prepares food completely differently. You are able to enjoy the new time and access you have to really experience the differences in food, drinks, snacks. You can take a few extra hours and learn the history of the foods as they relate to specific countries. By setting your own work hours, you are able to walk around your new city, check out the museums, take the sightseeing tours that are available. You don`t have to spend hours in traffic during a daily commute, and you probably will not spend hours watching TV. You are able to take advantage of this extra time and really learn about the world in which you live!

You are able to enrich you life with new experiences you encounter and the new people you meet in each country. They have costumes and manners that are completely foreign. The more you learn the “how’s” and “why’s” of various cultures, the more fascinating the world becomes. Your mind expands, and dare I say, your heart actually expands, too. As you become a more open-minded person, you will find that more eye-opening experiences are presented to you.

You say, “This all sounds great, but I cannot be a digital nomad. I have kids!”

We say, “NOT TRUE!” Travel becomes even more interesting through the eyes of your children. By traveling the world, you are giving your children several incredible gifts that very few will ever receive. There is no better time to learn a 2nd or 3rd language than when you are young. There is no better way to learn a foreign language than full immersion. In nearly every corner of the world, you will find private schools who are always willing to allow foreign students to enroll. How amazing it is when your children think about all of their good friends in Mexico, in Honduras, in France, in Bali, in Chile…. If you have reservations about enrolling your children into a foreign school, there are plenty of other options. There are numerous quality online education providers. Many even offer after school virtual extra curricular activities With tools such as Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and many other video call and collaboration services, kids are able to participate in debate teams, math olympics, games and much more while maintaining friendship all around the world.

By being a digital nomad you no longer belong to a country, you are a citizen of the world!

Here are 20 ideas for freelance video professionals who want to make money while traveling or living a nomadic lifestyle:

  1. Create Video Ads and Brochures for Local Hotels, Restaurants and Attractions. Companies like this luxury resort in placencia belize will pay good money for people who have videography skills.
  2. Be a Video Spokesperson or Brand Ambassador. Find a sponsor, and then travel the world as you promote their brand.
  3. Create Video Language Lessons. One of the best ways to earn money, is by giving language lessons over the internet.
  4. Make Music Videos for Local Bands. You may not make a ton of money, but you’ll help spread their music.
  5. Create Animated Videos and Cartoons. You can do these from your hotel room.
  6. Be Outrageous and Record Personal Messages for People in Exotic Locations, and then sell those through platforms like Fiverr or Video to Order.
  7. Sell Stock Video Footage. Companies like Adobe, Videohive, Getty, or Shutterstock can become your global marketplace.
  8. Sell Made to Order “B Roll”.
  9. Create Software and Mobile App Screencasts.
  10. Create a Travel Show and Make Money on YouTube. This may be saturated, but if you can find a good “niche” to tap into, you can make a good living out of travels.
  11. Provide Voice-Over Services. There are a ton of companies out there who are looking for voice over services. Visit some of those companies while you’re in the area, and voice over their short commercials.
  12. Offer Audio Engineering Services
  13. Sell Stock Royalty Free Music. If you have a skillset in music, you can travel and sell royalty free music on websites like Audiojungle (envato).
  14. Create Custom Order Soundtrack
  15. Provide Video Editing and Post Production Services. Some people are great at recording videos, but they’re lacking in the editing department. Create this side niche for yourself.
  16. Create Digital Motion Graphics, Intros, Outros and Title Sequences.
  17. Travel With Your UAV Drone and Make Money.
  18. Video Marketing, Video Search Optimization and Social Bookmarking.
  19. Write Commercial Advertising and Explainer Video Scripts for companies across the world.
  20. Offer Video Transcribing and Translation Services. Again, as you travel, you’ll run into people who will want their commercials or scripts translated, this is where you come in.

Not quite enough options for you? Here are 70 freelance video professional job and video entrepreneurship ideas

Whether you are an independent video entrepreneur, have a video-related job that allows you to work from any location via the internet, or a video business that requires travel, there are numerous benefits to becoming a digital nomad and make money while traveling the world long-term!

What sort of opportunities in video and video-related services while traveling have we missed? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Please them in the comments below.

L. Scott Harrell

L. Scott Harrell is the Executive Editor of Vtrep.com. He is also a serial entrepreneur and top tier business development professional who speaks leadership, startups and digital media masterfully. Scott can be reached via email: editor@vtrep.com