How to fix the inaudible voice in cross play for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on PC

It’s not really broken, but it is bugged. This bug started happening after the most recent update to Call of Duty, and no one (outside of the Developers) are sure of what is going on. What I do know, however, is how to fix it 99 % of the time. This is a two part fix, you need to make sure the first part is correct before moving on to the second part, make sure to follow the steps exactly, even if you have already tried some of these before it isn’t the individual steps the fixes the problem but the process as a whole. If you don’t follow them all in order, you might not get the results you are looking for.

Let’s get that fixed.

First let’s get the easy stuff out of the way. This fixes the problem most of the time. If it doesn’t, I added a more in depth solution, but it will require a bit of tinkering.

  1. On your task bar right click the speaker icon and select “Open sound settings”. It should bring up a window that says Sound on top.
  2. On the far right there is a menu called “Related Settings” select the option that says “Sound Control Panel“. It will bring up the old school sound control panel displaying all of your devices.
  3. Select “playback” and find the headset in the list.
  4. Right click your headset and select “set as default device“ after you do this, it should have a green check-mark on the corner. Right click it again but this time click “Set as Default Communication Device
  5. Select “Recording” at the top of the list and find your primary microphone.
  6. follow the same steps as step 4. Find your microphone and make it the default device and default communication device.

Now that you have that done, Open Call of Duty and test your microphone. This method fixes the problem most of the time. If this does not fix your problem, there are just a few more steps that will more likely fix your voice chat issue for good. You need to delete your player files and change an option in your .ini file for Call of Duty. It is really simple and takes less than 3 minutes. Be advised though, doing this might reset your campaign progress.

  1. In your computer, go to “documents” This should be in your C: Drive ( This PC > Windows C: > Users > your user account > Documents) and not in the game files themselves. The folder we will be looking for was created by the game and stored in your computers Document folder.
  2. locate the folder named “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” again, this folder is not in your game files, it is in your Documents folder.
  3. Open the folder Named “Players
  4. Delete everything inside this folder except for “adv_options
  5. Right click on the “adv_options” file and select “open with” you need to open this with notepad.
  6. Once the file is opened with notepad change the following line “ConfigCloudStorageEnabled = 1” You need to change the 1 into a 0. It should look like this ConfigCloudStorageEnabled = 0
  7. Save the notepad and close it. (Optional – Open it once more with notepad to confirm the file saved.)
  8. Start the game and set your game settings back up. Go ahead and adjust the controls and other game settings back to how you had them. You should be able to test your microphone in the audio menu to see that it works. After everything is set close the game completely.
  9. Go back to your notepad with adv_options open and change ”ConfigCloudStorageEnabled = 0” back to ConfigCloudStorageEnabled = 1
  10. Save the notepad once more and close it out. Then reopen the notepad to ensure the file saved correctly.
  11. Open the game again and everything should be working as it should be.

Hopefully this will fix your problem for good, and you can get back to enjoying Call of Duty, like I have. The game is great, but it is unfortunate that so many players were left without being able to hear their teammates after the recent update.

Jonathan Roel

Jonathan Roel is a graphic designer for PI Media, a marketing agency in Dallas, TX. In his spare time, he is also a videographer and photographer.