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Animatron – The Online Animation Maker Toolkit for Animators

Over at VideoToOrder.com, I’ve been tinkering around with making animated explainer videos ahead of our launch. After using several of the top free online animation websites, I’ve found myself settling in on using Animatron right now. Here’s why…

Animatron is an easy-to-use and powerful online animation maker that enables users to create stunning animations and videos right in the browser. It is cloud based: no installations and no plugins needed. It’s built on the newest and safest HTML5 technology which allows the universal playback, both on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Animatron is designed for both professionals, freelance video production teams and beginners in mind: it is simple enough to start animating in minutes using the free Market with pre-animated objects. It is also powerful enough to be used by professional designers since it has advanced timeline, features like Bone Tool, Color Picker, advanced drawing tools and other great features.

Typically, Animatron is used by designers and animators, educators and students for studying animation and creating presentations, marketers for creating visual content.

In 2013 Dmitry Skavish, co-founder and CEO of Animatron, came up with the idea of a powerful and user-friendly website that would allow animating right in the browser and collaborate with friends or colleagues in real time.

Animatron was inspired by a school assignment: Dmitry’s daughter asked him to help her with some animation for her class but the software suggested by her teacher turned out to be an ad-cluttered website that combined several images into an animated GIF. Not exactly the best tool for learning and creating real animation.

That’s how the idea for Animatron was born.

Unlike other online animation makers, Animatron offers advanced drawing tools and allows animating own drawings and other objects. It uses the cutting-edge HTML5 technology, so videos created in Animatron can be viewed on any device and browser.

While many competitors limit animation creation to templates, Animatron offers endless customization where even ready-to-use animated characters and props can be customized: no limits to creativity!

Other features include real time collaboration: it is possible for several users to work on the same project in real time. Voiceover allows adding voice to the animation. Easings will make animation look more natural. Interactivity allows setting actions (like “Open URL”) to any objects on canvas. Free Marketplace gives access to hundreds of pre-animated props, backgrounds and characters.

Animatron makes animation easy for everyone, empowering people to be creators. It allows creating so many different things: from animated videos, to GIFs, to animated presentations, infographics, PNG images. It is an ultimate content creation tool, and a great number of features are free to use.

A big number of our users create explainer videos in Animatron. Since the Editor allows using free Marketplace with pre-animated sets, importing logos, audio or any other media, it’s possible to make an animated video and easily customize it.

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Since video is so huge these days, professionals incorporate video into their marketing strategy and seek for a tool to make video production easy and cost effective. This is where Animatron comes in handy. Bloggers and social media marketers use it for creating short videos and GIFs for blog posts, websites and social media.

Digital marketers create animated banners for advertising systems like AdWords and DoubleClick. It is possible to add interactivity and export projects in SEO-friendly HTML5 code to embed on a website.

For more information about Animatron, check out their website, but I really enjoyed the section showcasing the projects created by their users.

Getting started with Animatron has been really great, too. They offer:

  • Online tutorials via their website.
  • For those studying animation, they offer a free course on Udemy.
  • And they’ve always been happy to answer any questions about the tool via email.

Animatron is free for anyone to use (basic functionality) but they told me that they would happy to provide Video Entrepreneur Magazine readers with a 20% discount, should they decide to purchase a subscription. Just send them an email to feedback@animatron.com mentioning https://vtrep.com/, and they’ll be happy to help!

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