Six Ways To Make Money While Road Tripping

After close to 8 weeks under a lockdown due to Covid19, I’m starting to get that “cooped up” feeling creep up. Back B.C. – Before Coronavirus – we did a bit of traveling around the United States. We met many people across the country. Some were regular travelers, others were full time travelers that worked side gigs to make a living. We ran into people who were part of the DC movement – people who worked from anywhere in the world.

Which got me thinking, can you actually make money while traveling? Yes. Not only is traveling an incredible experience for the body, mind, and soul, but I think every individual must indulge in the travel experience once in a while.

Traveling can expand your perception of the world and open your minds to things you once consider impossible.

You will also be able to liberate yourself from the stressful cycles of normal life and enjoy life in your terms. Traveling is so addicting that many people dream of traveling all the time and some do not want to stop traveling when they finish their vacation.

Unfortunately, traveling is more of an expense than an experience. Sure, traveling to Colorado, Texas, New York may be fun – but it comes with a hefty price. Luckily, there are many ways to earn money by doing a variety of jobs while you are on the road that allows you to sustain yourself and your travel expenditure.

Earning money while traveling is an excellent way to keep traveling for longer and indulge in more exciting experiences as most travelers travel on a limited budget. Unless you are individually rich, you may not be able to keep traveling on your savings alone in the long term.

So, this article will act as a guide for bringing you six great ways to make money while traveling.

Six Ways To Make Money While Road Tripping

Teaching A Language

Let’s start by heading out internationally. Teaching a language is one of the most popular lines of work that many travelers around the world are using to support their travel lifestyle.

It is also among the easiest jobs that do not require you to spend considerable time in making an adequate amount of money.

International languages such as English, Spanish, French, and more are in demand in several countries, and you can easily get a job with a bachelor’s degree.

Being a language teacher is also an excellent way to immerse completely into the culture of an area and aid the students from economically backward societies in learning the language.

The requirements for becoming a language teacher and the type of work varies with every country and a qualifying certification such as TEFL may be mandatory in some countries.

Sometimes, you may even require prior language teaching experience before you become eligible for work.

Many travelers nowadays are using the internet to teach a language in virtual classrooms by using video conferencing apps such as Zoom or Skype instead of teaching in physical classrooms.

This allows you to have an income source even when you are constantly traveling, which is stable as it may not be practical to teach physics in every country that you visit.

Be a Transport Operator

If you are someone that is constantly on the road in your vehicle, then this can be suitable for you. You can look for people searching for travelers to transport items on their behalf. Usually, we’re talking about small items that fit in your vehicle.

Smaller items that hold personal value and pets are always in demand for someone to transport from one place to another.

If you find some items for transportation along the route you are traveling, you can charge a fee for transporting it. You don’t need a trailer, either. You can install a camper shell roof rack on top of your car for making more space for accommodating your goods.

You can reclaim the cost of your fuel expenses and also make a profit for your services.

Several apps allow travelers to become infrequent transporters by taking up transportation jobs. You can learn more about how this works here.

Travel Blogging

We got the idea for this article from this blog, which brings us to blogging. Posting about your travels is a lucrative way to earn money. But, it will take some time to get a consistent amount of traffic in your blog and start earning from it.

It may take up to 12 months for your blog to start providing money. Travel blogging has the potential to generate a large amount of money.

However, there is already a huge competition in this niche and there is no guarantee that you will be successful as a blogger. You’ll need to really build those connections and know what you’re writing about.

Freelance Online

There are many lines of work that allow you to work as a freelancer or as a remote worker online.

This allows you the freedom of traveling and working from any location as long as you have a laptop and a working internet connection.

Several platforms offer freelance work from a host of companies around the world if you have the necessary skills and expertise.

However, networking and finding your clients can provide better returns.

Rent Out Your House

Traveling all the time means that your house will be vacant for most or all time of the year.

Accommodation services like Airbnb, VRBO and more, allow you to repurpose your property to get an additional source of income while you travel.

This is a lucrative form of income as you will not need to work for it if you own a property.

The money you can earn from it depends on the location of your property and you will only need to share 3 percent charges to the renting app.

Buy Local Products And Sell Them Online

The local handicrafts and arts have a huge demand in the international markets as these products are only available in the locality of their origin.

Since these products only use local materials for production and are handmade, you can find them at an extremely cheap price.

Once you buy these products, you can sell them from any place in the world while you travel.

Ensure that you check the shelf life of the products and the proper storage techniques to avoid losses.

There are a ton of other things you could do while you travel. At the end of the day, the type of work that you can seek while traveling depends on your skill set and personality.

With the rise of high-speed internet, the chances of finding and engaging in online work while traveling is incredibly high.

Be aware of fraudulent job givers who may scam you after you provide the work. Ensure that you only sign up for those websites which require only a minimal fee.

There are many websites and online resources that offer jobs, out of which some are free and others are free.

You need to carefully consider your skillsets and your aspirations before choosing a line of work to earn online.

Do an adequate amount of research on successful people who travel and work at the same time and get their advice before gearing up for the adventure of a lifetime.

Not all lines of work are suitable for everyone and you can develop the skills that are mandatory for work that inspires you and invokes passion in your heart.

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