Make Money with Talking Head and Opinion-based Videos

5 More Money-Making Ideas For Video Creators and Talking Heads

We know that creating a video series or YouTube channel can be a great way to gather followers, generate subscriptions, and ultimately become known. On top of these early steps, we also know that there are various ways of generating revenue from a successful or on-the-rise video channel. Basically, it’s the visual version of the podcasting business that has lately become the hottest thing in modern media. Even with all of this understood though, the most important step in the process is one of the most basic and fundamental ones: coming up with a great idea.

As with any podcast, or even any personal website for that matter, you need a good idea and sharp coverage surrounding that idea in order to make yourself worthwhile to potential followers – in this case, your viewers. And while any individual may have particular ideas about what constitutes such an idea, there are some that are better suited to generating income than others.

We have five suggestions, not to cover the whole realm of “good” video ideas (there are of course thousands), but to start anyone considering this sort of project off on the right foot.

If you have an opinion and aren’t afraid to share it, here are 5 money-making ideas for you.

1. Film Commentary

This is one of the best subjects for a video channel, as evidenced by the fact that there are several video channels considered essential for movie lovers. Granted, that means there’s a lot of competition – and more just about every day – but so long as you have an engaging style or a unique way of reviewing and commenting on films and film news, you might just wind up getting followers. There seems to be no end to people’s interest in entertainment, which at least, in theory, means there’s no limit to how much commentary can be consumed.

2. Political News

While it makes some people roll their eyes, and understandably so, politics is essentially part of pop culture now, which means it’s consumed similarly to entertainment or even sports. One need only spend a few hours looking at political subjects and trends on social media to see that there are plenty of individual commentators and small companies that get quite a lot of attention, so it’s certainly possible that a video channel can accomplish the same. Just do the world a favor if you take this route, and be sure to stick to objective facts – too few do!

3. Sports Betting

Sports betting is going more mainstream and in a relative hurry. When once it existed in casinos and in the shadows of the internet, so to speak, it’s now popular, visible, and celebrated and enjoyed by millions. Sites exist to point people toward regulated platforms for safe and secure betting; the U.S. is welcoming legal betting state by state; apps are bringing a new level of convenience to the business. Even some professional sports leagues are exploring direct input in the industry (most notably the NBA). Given all of these changes, betting is only going to be a more common practice, and anyone capable of analysis or influence in this area, or even relaying basic information in an engaging way, would do well to explore this option.

4. Restaurant Reviews

People love to know what other people think about new or trendy restaurants, yet sometimes the average online reviews don’t really say much. Articles from full-fledged food critics are often pretentious, and Yelp reviews and things of that nature can often come across as personal, petty, or else just not that interesting. Adding a bit of tone to a review – as one can do through a video channel – can make a big change, and can provide a viewer with a more entertaining and ultimately more valuable take on a restaurant, food truck, or whatever else.

5. Expert Processes

This one isn’t an idea for just anybody, but if you happen to have a certain expertise in a given skill – be it playing the guitar, painting, playing a video game, or whatever else – sharing it on video can be a very profitable endeavor. This has been proven by, if nothing else, the massive popularity of the “MasterClass” program, which essentially hosts video courses from famous experts across a variety of skills and disciplines.

Ruben Roel

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