If you Play Casino Games Online, Stream them on Twitch!

It all started when some guy started live-streaming his life 24×7 on the internet. The website that he created became Justin.tv, a site where people could broadcast their lives to the world. Late ‘90s movies like The Truman Show and Ed TV had predicted something along these lines well over a decade ahead. Justin.tv gradually added new content and categories, including one where members could stream themselves playing video games. This videogame section split off into Twitch.tv, this progeny eventually grew so big that it swallowed its parent.

Within two years, Twitch had grown into the biggest platform for broadcasting video games and esports competitions, eclipsing all other similar platforms. Big players in the online video market like YouTube have been trying since 2013 to muscle in on the game, with little success. Twitch has a virtual monopoly on the live streaming scene for video games, and the business is booming.

The Allure of Twitch.tv

The premise behind Twitch might feel strange to some folks. After all, video games are something you enjoy when you play, right? Why would you spend time watching other people play?

Only people who played video games as kids would understand the draw that Twitch has over its millions of users. And to be more precise, only those who have played games with their siblings or friends would understand it.

If you were playing in the company of others, you often had to let others play. And then you would discover that watching others play is often as much fun as playing the game yourself! At times, it is even more fun, especially when watching them fail and make dumb mistakes.

Of course, e-sports is a whole different ballgame altogether. Watching e-sports is like watching a pro sports match in football, soccer, or basketball. Over the years, Twitch has cleverly used several different strategies, including e-sports tournaments to become what it is now.

So What’s the Deal With i-Gaming?

Twitch continued / continues to grow every year. Now, they have categories like “slots” where streamers stream their casino escapades.  i-Gaming or online casino games occupy a different niche when compared to the more mainstream video games. This is not surprising, given the serious and adult nature of gambling in general. It was only a matter of time before a streamer jumped online and streamed their Virtual Casino Game. It might sound surprising to many, but live streaming online gambling games like slots is a major craze on some of these platforms.

What Happens in a Twitch Casino Channel

The basic premise of streaming on Twitch remains the same. Whether you are playing a regular video game or an online casino slot – you have to keep your audience entertained and engaged. This involves doing several things, and playing the game is just one of them.

In the meantime, it helps if you can hold a running conversation with your audience, on interesting topics or personal stories. Natural presentation is something the audience here like the most. If it is rehearsed, it just doesn’t feel right.

The most successful Twitch streamers often have strange and colorful alter-egos or personalities. They continuously interact with their subscribers through audio and text chats in real-time, while playing.

You have to do all of the above while playing a casino game as well. In fact, one of the minor disadvantages of i-games is probably that you have to do some extra effort since the onscreen activity is not as dynamic or adrenaline pumping as in video games like Fortnite or PUBG.

Is There an Advantage to Streaming Casino Games?

Twitch and other online streaming channels are not just about passing time and having fun, they are serious businesses in their own right. The top streamers on platforms can earn thousands of dollars, exclusively from their streaming income.

Often, you will find streamers getting contributions from their fans right during a live stream session. Some of these will be huge sums, often going up into the hundreds or thousands. But more often, they are small sums like five dollars or ten, but in the end, they all add up to a considerable revenue stream.

And lest we forget, casino games have one big advantage over video games – they actually payout real cash when you win. So you can kill two birds with one stone when you stream a casino game, make money from your streamers, and make money from your bets. If you want to know the best slots with the highest payouts, visit this resource to find where to play and spinning.

Then there are the perks associated with marketing for specific casinos. Affiliate marketing is a massive business linked to online casino gambling. Casinos need to bring in a constant stream of new players, and it is the job of affiliate networks to make that happen.

If you have a successful and popular Twitch or Youtube channel, you can get the attention of big online casinos as well. This could lead to lucrative deals which can net you more coin if your fans and subscribers can be persuaded to visit particular casinos, either through ad placements in your video or on your channel homepage.

Casino Games on Twitch

Twitch has been chugging along without any sign of fatigue for well over six years now. The platform is going from strength to strength, with viewership climbing to tens of millions. It is not unreasonable to expect at least a fraction of that crowd to show an interest in casino games.

If you are a fan of online slots and other casino games and you play them often, starting a Twitch channel might be a smart move. Even if you don’t make it big on the platform, it won’t cost you anything. And if you do hit big, that in itself is equivalent to hitting the jackpot at a casino!

Ruben Roel

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