How to Obtain Microsoft Expert Certifications with ExamSnap?

Microsoft circumnavigates around the best technology solutions. Even more, its set of fresh-released certifications is but a proof of its never-ending ascendancy in the industry. The new Microsoft Expert certifications, which include Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Expert, Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert, and Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert commonly highlight on the current demands of various job roles and of the whole IT domain. Consequently, its exams have also become increasingly challenging for professionals to prepare for and pass.

However, with the accessibility of trusted websites in the market like ExamSnap- an esteemed online resource loaded with exam preparation materials – getting ready for these credentials should be the least of your worries. You’ll have a no better partner in reaching for these certifications other than an authentic provider that prioritizes its customers’ long-term goals. But, before we move on to explain how important this online certification platform is, let us first briefly break down three of Microsoft’s new and distinguished Expert certifications.

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Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

The skills verified in this certification emphasizes on a Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect’s efficiency in designing solutions that run on the technologies and services of Microsoft Azure. The exams you must pass to obtain this certification are set into two options. First, you can choose to take both Exam AZ-300 and Exam AZ-301. In case you’ve already passed the retired 70-535 test, known as Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions, you can opt for its transition exam AZ-302.

Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

This certification seals a DevOps professional’s mastery across Microsoft Azure technologies in the design and implementation of DevOps practices. Only one exam is required for candidates to gain this certification – that is Exam AZ-400.


Microsoft Certified: Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Expert

To gain substantial proof of your proficiency in the evaluation, migration, deployment, and management of Microsoft 365 services, this certification is the best route to run to. You can earn this credential by first meeting its entire workload requirement. One way to do that is by obtaining one of Microsoft’s Associate-level certifications. Before taking both exam MS-100 and MS-101, you need to earn one of the provided Microsoft 365 Workload Administrator certifications like Teamwork Administrator, Modern Desktop Administrator Associate, Security Administrator Associate, or Messaging Administrator Associate. The second way, if you are the owner of the MCSE Productivity credential, you can pass the tests mentioned above (MS-100) and (MS-101) and you’ll become a certified Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Expert.

Ways ExamSnap will help you acquire your Microsoft Expert Certification

Now, it is time to learn just how ExamSnap bridges the gap between preparing for a Microsoft Expert Certification and actually earning it. Getting a good grade in the following certification exams is no impossible feat once you are tailored with an online website that aligns with your desired result.

Extends to all kinds of IT vendors

First things first, compared to other online study providers, ExamSnap leaves no IT vendor behind. This study platform accommodates various certifications from all vendors to help all types of candidates. ExamSnap provides a set of certification questions for exams offered by different vendors—may it be known widely or not.

Supplies Constructive Practice Exams

If you think relying on websites like ExamSnap is taking the easy way out, then you’ve never really yet tried its practice exams. Although the use of this may be a little bit controversial for some, there’s no denying that these kinds of materials are mentally stimulating and challenges individuals to test themselves with what they do and not know. For any of the Microsoft expert certifications, several sample questions and practice tests can be downloaded through different user interfaces.

Crafted and Verified by IT Experts

The knowledge poured by a number of IT experts in the training courses act as your compass in answering the exam. Their years of experience and expertise in their respective fields are all fused into their online materials to guide you all throughout the process. Instead of aimlessly placing your trust and time in websites created by unknown IT makers, you’ll be more at ease with ExamSnap. Its resources are of high quality as these are made by some of the top technical minds of the IT industry.

Readily available and affordable

ExamSnap’s study materials are easily accessible to any type of candidate. This simply means that you’re the one holding the anchor in studying for the exam and not the other way around. You can manage your time efficiently by using any device or by utilizing any material with a little help from a downloadable test engine- the VCE Software. Thus, the premium file for AZ-400 exam will cost you $29.99, other files available here for this test are free of charge. It’s a great chance to test your knowledge when you are on a tight budget. The same thing with its training courses, these are best structured to fit your time schedule. Likewise, these are also less costly as compared to other resources available in the market.

Helps determine how prepared you are

The purpose of practice exams is to help you monitor where your current state is in your comprehension of the exam. These are extremely helpful in guiding you to your weaknesses and strengths in the respective subjects. Arriving on the test day without testing your skills beforehand is throwing caution to the wind. By getting hold of ExamSnap’s sample set, you will prevent yourself from absent-mindedly answering the questions on the test day.

Highly supportive to customers

Just as how determined you are in getting your certification, ExamSnap also has their hopes up for your success. You’ll feel this in how responsive and supportive they are in answering your inquiries. There’s no question as to why many professionals devote their money and time using ExamSnap. Not only is it sufficient, accurate and updated, it’s also customer-friendly.


As certification pathways expand, IT companies are bound to narrow the candidate list down to the most qualified professionals. ExamSnap is your way of making sure you remain on top of the competitive game by utilizing its study materials at your best interest. Your own Microsoft Expert Certification is as reachable as this online certification exam provider. Let ExamSnap help realize your goal and become a highly sought-after Microsoft expert!

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