Make Money Playing Video Games and eSports

How To Make Money Playing Video Games | Making Money in eSports

Many people played video games throughout their childhood and continue to do even so as adults. I’m sure that many of us dreamt of getting paid to play video games at home, however, this is now a reality and there are many ways to make money now from playing video games. This has resulted in a lot of gamers worldwide earning considerable amounts of money this way from playing on their favorite consoles, whether that be Xbox, PlayStation or PC.

One of the obvious ways to make money by playing video games is to become a game tester. Whilst you will be getting paid to play video games, this career choice may not be as exciting as it sounds. It could involve just playing a game you don’t really have any interest in repeatedly to look for in-game bugs for example. Playing the same games over and over again, especially if they aren’t to your taste could easily become quite dull.

You can now be playing Fifa at home on your PS4 and make money by just letting other people watch you do this, through streaming. Sites such as YouTube and Twitch have allowed gamers to build up followings, some of who will pay to subscribe and watch others playing their favorite video games and even donate money to their favorite gamers. The top streamers on Twitch earn serious amounts of money every single month! Another option as well as streaming if you are an expert within a certain game would be to create a strategy or a walkthrough guide, which you could turn into an e-book and sell for $15 a copy online.

The new and very popular world of eSports is the newest and most lucrative way to earn money playing video games. eSports are simply a form of competition using video games. Young, successful eSports players are now demanding massive wages and sponsorships. eSports tournaments now take place all over the world and not only covered by the various mainstream media, but even betting companies as well. These tournaments are growing in stature and now sometimes held at physical venues, such as in Las Vegas in one of the many casinos there and serious money can be made. eSports is open to anyone, you will just have to become an expert at whichever game you are looking to compete in. It is believed that by 2019 a massive 427 million people worldwide will be watching eSports. There is even now a pro eSports organization, headquartered in New York, called Major League Gaming Corporation, who hold official video game tournaments throughout the USA and Canada.

Whilst there are people worldwide now who have become very wealthy down to playing video games, it is not as easy as it might seem. To become one of the best in the world takes an enormous amount of time and dedication whichever game you are looking to master and you can imagine the millions of others trying to do the same that you are in competition with.

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