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Are you offering a video-related service, app or other product? Something you think is awe-inspiring, groundbreaking or will change the face of video content creation, distribution or marketing? Or better yet… a service or product that helps entrepreneurial filmmakers make more money, attract more business or reach a larger audience?

You and I have a mutual interest in video and, together, we can raise the bar a notch in our own businesses. I just need 2 minutes of your time…

You offer a video related service or product and I write about products and services just like yours here, in Vtrep.com. If you tell me about what you are offering by answering just 10 questions describing its value to our readers, perhaps I can turn that discussion into an article and send highly targeted potential customers your way.

This is FREE. I’m not asking for anything in return.

Seriously… nothing.

Why then?

The truth of the matter is that I had over 25,000 unique visitors to my website in August 2016 and 3,100 email subscribers; these numbers are growing every day. Vtrep.com visitors and subscribers are VORACIOUS for video-related information each month and I always need fresh content to keep them happy and coming back for more.

Video Entrepreneur Magazine Site Stats and Monthly Traffic Through October 2016
Vtrep.com Site Stats and Monthly Traffic Through October 2016

I’m guessing you would love the opportunity to put your business in front of an audience starving for video-related content and, really, what business owner in their right mind would pass up FREE inbound marketing from an authoritative source???

Yes, other websites charge money for “native advertising” posts like these, but I’m not quite to that point yet in terms of reach or traffic – but I’m working on it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make that leap in 2 or 3 months.

Vtrep.com is positioning itself as the leading media publisher and community resource for creative professionals who are ready to capitalize on the unprecedented need for digital video and all that is possible for those smart enough to embrace video as a business opportunity.

Since 2014, Vtrep.com has been supported by some of the most determined entrepreneurial filmmakers in the video marketing field. Our singular focus is to lead the conversation about the future of how we create, use, market and, most importantly, SELL video content and related services to those who need it most.

Advertise Your Video Related Products, Apps and ServicesReaching our tightly focused audience is really as easy as answering the following questions being sure to explain your company’s value without a hard sell or too much promotional language. Keeping it simple and conversational works best.

One of my editors or I will put these questions and your answers together into a cohesive post and push it out to my email subscribers and social media followers. We’ll let you know when we’ll publish the article ahead of time so you can take advantage of the surge of interest that always follows.

Again, there’s no cost or obligation whatsoever.


1. What does your product do? What specific services do you offer?

2. For whom is your product or service intended? Describe your typical or ideal customer.

3. Who created your product or service and when was it launched?

4. ** Why was it created? **

5. What sets your service or product apart from your competitors?

6. How does your product or service create value for your clients?

7. Can you share with us an example of how your customer has used your service or product to specifically make money in his or her own business? In other words, how would an entrepreneur or filmmaker grow or profit from the use of your product or service?

8. How can our readers learn more about your services or products? Is there a specific URL, person, contact information or another resource they should use?

9. Is there a related video we can embed in the article?

10. (Optional) Would you like to offer our readers a trial, discount or other promotional offers? If so, what and how do they redeem that offer?


Simply answer these questions the very best you can and send them to me personally in the body of an email, or attached as a .txt, .rtf, .doc or other editable files (no .pdfs).

My email address is here.

Again, thank you for your time and courtesy in reviewing my offer. I believe that an article in Vtrep.com will provide a tremendous amount of value to us both.

I look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience.

My best,

L. Scott Harrell
Executive Editor, Vtrep.com
“The Online Resource for Video Entrepreneurship and Freelance Video Professionals”

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L. Scott Harrell

L. Scott Harrell is the Executive Editor of Vtrep.com. He is also a serial entrepreneur and top tier business development professional who speaks leadership, startups and digital media masterfully. Scott can be reached via email: editor@vtrep.com