Creative Ideas for Personal Use Videos

While there are numerous ways to generate income with videos, not all videos need to have a professional or commercial purpose. Quite frankly, many of the most creative videos out there were created for complete self-satisfaction. People and businesses these days regularly send out video greetings and personal messages for a variety of reasons (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.). A personal use video that is customized and tailored to fit each occasion can make fantastic cost-effective gift to your friends and family when you’re operating on a tight budget.

Personal Use Videos as Birthday or Anniversary Gifts

One of the best ways to use your videography skills as a video entrepreneur is to create unique birthday or anniversary gifts for friends and loved ones. This is the perfect way to make someone feel special and, if done right, can evoke a lot of emotion.

Here are a few ideas that you can use on your future video gift list:

  • Compiled snapshots of your life together for anniversaries. This can also be done with the use of drawings, animations and stop motion for a more memorable effect.
  • Collection of birthday wishes and messages from a number of friends and family to share with the special person.
  • If you’re arranging a surprise party, you can create a funny behind-the-scenes video montage and wrap it up with a personal message and collective birthday wish at the end.

Videos for Making Important Announcements

Whether it’s a pregnancy, a birth, an engagement, or a promotion, you can spread the word with a creative video sent to your friends and family along with sweets or cupcakes. This, too, can come in the form of animations, short videos of the baby and the parents, or a recorded message from the engaged couple.

Samika Vlogs make video announcements to get messages for their friends and family. Here is a great example of a simple videowhere they announced their new addition to their family. We would suggest vising their Vlog and seeing what they are up to.

Videos for Wedding Invitations

Sending videos along with, or as your wedding invite, has a lot of potential. There are so many ways to get creative and personalize video invitations:

  • Use pictures, animation, or stop motion to take your guests on the journey of how you & your fiancee met and fell in love.
  • Show pictures or videos from your youth, before and after you met.
  • Feature letters, texts, pictures, and videos related to the important milestones in your lives and what you’ve accomplished together .
  • Add personal messages about how important the day is and why your friends’ presence is so valued.

It will be something beautiful and unique that people will always remember and save. Andrew Voskresensky made an amazing invitation video with his fiance back in 2012. The video is definitely something that will be remembered by his family and friends.

Videos for Holiday Greetings

Your whole family can send out video holiday greetings instead of holiday cards. This unique addition will add to the festivities. The best part of this type of greeting is the fact that you can tailor it to suit your family’s personality and the specific holiday –  something exceptionally wacky and zany that reflects the holiday spirit, or even a collection of things you are thankful for. Valentine’s Day videos can also be crafted this way with thoughtful and romantic videos about the lovable qualities of your significant other. You can also create a video greeting that highlights the fun times you two have shared.

Congratulations Videos

If you want to send your best wishes and congratulations to important people in your life, a personalized video is the best way to do it. If it’s a promotion, you can make a tribute-like video highlighting all of their hard work and achievements. For weddings, engagements, and births, you can make any number of videos that show your happiness, or even create a little story about the people who will receive it.  It is a great way to speak directly to a person, even though you may actually be thousands of miles apart.

Depending on the occasion and your relationship to the recipient of the video, there are an infinite number of ways you can share your feelings of joy, happiness, pride, and love. When you find it impractical to buy a gift, using your passion to create one in the form of a video is the best way to give your loved ones something unique and priceless.

L. Scott Harrell

L. Scott Harrell is the Executive Editor of Vtrep.com. He is also a serial entrepreneur and top tier business development professional who speaks leadership, startups and digital media masterfully. Scott can be reached via email: editor@vtrep.com