Writing for Video Entrepreneur and Getting Paid

8 Steps to Guest Posting for Vtrep.com and Getting PAID

We welcome your guest-post pitch and are ready to pay $50 for a 500 word blog post which will include an author’s resource section and 1 or 2 relevant outbound links in the post (at our discretion). We are willing to negotiate higher payments for much longer featured posts that include interviews, original research, statistics or “made for Vtrep.com” video.

Here are our writer’s guidelines:

1. Please familiarize yourself with the types of articles posted on our website, https://vtrep.com. Keep in mind that Video Entrepreneur Magazine is essentially a “business opportunities” website through which we teach people the “how-tos” and “whys” of starting businesses creating and editing videos, marketing them and providing other video related services. We are looking for firsthand, practical advice about creative ways to increase freelance or video business income, provide a better product to clients or recent developments in video technologies, gear and apps.

2. Read and follow these guidelines.

3. Submit your best headline idea and outline for your proposed guest post (and give us an estimated word count if you plan to write more than 500 words) to us here. I will respond and do one of the following:

  • Tell you the topic is not of interest
  • Ask for changes to your premise before giving you the go-ahead
  • Make an assignment

4. Receiving an assignment is not a guarantee of publication. So remember: write the heck out of it.

5. We are buying exclusive first-time publication rights and reserve the right to reprint your post on other sites and in ebooks. You may reprint the post elsewhere after 90 days of our first publication. We pay promptly upon our acceptance of your completed article via PayPal. You are responsible for any of PayPal’s small fees to receive your money.

6. YOU SHOULD NOT SUBMIT PRE-WRITTEN POSTS without getting an assignment from us first.

7. We do NOT pay those who are posting specifically to promote a book or product. If your guest post has fresh, useful information for video entrepreneurs I may still be interested in publishing it but we will not pay for advertorials. If you have an affiliate program in place, we will expect to be added to your affiliate program and use our affiliate links in your post.

8. You must be a member of our website community. (Click the circular “Community” bubble located at the bottom-right-side of this web page.) Additionally, part of what we are paying for is your help to drive engagement, traffic and social sharing of the post. We do consider social media profiles and author engagement when selecting guest authors. You should be willing to promote your article on our website after it is published.

L. Scott Harrell

L. Scott Harrell is the Executive Editor of Vtrep.com. He is also a serial entrepreneur and top tier business development professional who speaks leadership, startups and digital media masterfully. Scott can be reached via email: editor@vtrep.com