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Video Entrepreneur – Why You Should Start A Video Based Business Now

Become a Videographer, Freelance Video Creator or Editor – The Time Is NOW to Become a Video Entrepreneur

With hundreds of hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every single minute, video content is clearly not a passing fad.

Why is Video More Attractive than Plain Text for Online Content?

Beyond entertainment value, video content is the preferred way for online viewers to obtain consumer information, make purchasing decisions and learn more about absolutely anything that interests them because it is both easier to share and consume; videos can clearly communicate complex concepts or technical instruction in a manner that is often much more time consuming and difficult to accomplish with text.

And, according to Forrester Research, a minute of video is worth 1.8 Million Words!

Why is NOW the Time to Open a Video-based Business?

First, consider that a new survey published by the Custom Content Council indicated that content marketing budgets were going to dramatically rise to nearly $44 Billion, reflecting a substantial move away from traditional advertisement-based spending and that the appetite for video reins with 57% of respondents expecting to use more; higher than last year’s 54%.

Consider these statistics specific to video related content and online video advertising:

Video content is coming of age as Internet access is becoming an indispensable public utility as necessary as electricity, water and telephone. While infrastructure scales up and technological advancements roll out, bandwidth and download speeds are making video content available for almost every connected consumer in the world.

We are on the cusp of a content revolution! Just as web design professionals, application developers, writers and graphics professionals have all seen a huge jump in demand for their services, video professionals are just coming into their own now, too.

The fact of the matter is that EVERYONE knows that they NEED video content in order to compete for the attention of online consumers, but very few have

  1. figured out how to actually create video content,
  2. the time or equipment required to plan, shoot and edit their own video content, or
  3. the confidence to get in front of the videocamera and “put themselves out there.”

That is why there will be a HUGE demand for entrepreneurs who can provide video-related services like:

You are only limited by your creativity and willingness to succeed.

What Is It Going to Take to Become a Video Entrepreneur?

First, like any other entrepreneur, you are going to have to have the zealous passion and a primal urge to pursue, with considerable initiative and potential risk, the opportunity to capitalize on the unprecedented business opportunities that digital video present right now; knowing full well that the rewards in doing so, could be great.

While you do not need to adopt the artistic mindset adopted by filmmakers, as a video entrepreneur will need to learn and practice the skills required to fill the market needs you have identified for which you have talent; for example, if you want to offer video special effects services, then you will need to master CGI and the tools used to create and apply these effects masterfully.

You are going to require equipment suitable for commercial work or the knowledge how to get professional results from the gear you already have available.

Did you know that over 11.8% of companies create video content in-house using smartphones or consumer grade cameras?


Finally, you will also need the ability to find and market to potential customers!

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