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6 Steps to Creating Effective Explainer Videos that Convert Customers

Creating explainer videos is a highly effective way to convert video viewers into customers. Everywhere you look, companies today are using explainer videos on their websites in hopes of converting their audiences. And why not? These are great ways to explain your product, its uses, and urge people to buy it. So what’s the secret? Why do these videos work so well for some, while others see no results from their efforts? The problem is likely not with your product or business, but with the video itself. Why waste your time and money creating an ineffective video? Creating explainer videos isn’t hard if you know and follow these six steps…

1. It’s All in the Script!

Most people believe your video will convert if it simply has flashy animations and visuals. While this may be true to an extent, animated how-to and explainer videos are very popular, what really converts an audience when creating this type of video is the script.

If you have a strong script, you won’t even need fancy visuals. – L. Scott Harrell

The important thing to remember when creating explainer videos is to try to write the script yourself if you are able; if at all possible do not outsource writing the script to the company making the video. No one knows your business or your target audience as well as you do. You know the problems that your potential customers are facing, and how these problems can be solved with your product or service. Use your script to talk to your customer. Answer your customers’ questions and remove any misgivings they may have about your product, and they will convert.

How to Write Powerful Scripts for Short Marketing Videos

2. Do Your Market Research before creating explainer videos!

The first step to writing the script is finding out why your customers are suffering. What parts of your product do they not like? What is keeping them from converting? This can be done through surveys and questionnaire services like Qualaroo. You may want to ask questions like:

…And any others specific to your product.

3. Writing the Script

Make sure your video is not too long; 2-3 minutes should be the maximum target. This means around 250 – 300 words of script. Anything longer and you will lose your audience. Here your goal is to answer all of the questions and confusions your customers have.

Here’s what you should include in your script and in this particular order:

4. Find the Perfect Voice for Your Video

The voice you use in your video will have a great impact – there’s a lot of talking involved so it should be clear, pleasant, and should not be monotonous or boring. Your explainer video company may be able to provide one for a couple of hundred dollars, but a better option might be to hire a freelance voiceover artist from a site like

5. Find a Video Professional

You can go to a professional explainer video company to get the job done, but be ready to pay! The larger production companies cost between $5,000 and $25,000 and take quite some time as they have many other orders in the queue.

A great alternative is getting a freelance video professional to create a whiteboard or explainer video for you. Freelancers can usually get the job done much faster and cheaper (we’re talking about $25 versus $5,000)!

6. Do Your A/B Testing

A big reason to save on freelancers when creating your explainer videos is because you will need A/B testing on your video in order to maximize conversions. You will need to keep tweaking your video in order to determine what works best. Make sure to track your plays and engagement when you test your video, so you have an idea of what to change. You might also need to modify as your product changes through the years.

In Conclusion…

By following these steps, you’ll be able to create a quality explainer video that gets the job done. Be sure to focus on your script and concisely demonstrate how your product solves your customer’s problems. Hiring a video professional and A/B testing will help ensure a quality product that will begin to increase your company’s conversion rate in no time.

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