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The 5 Key Elements for Great Green Screen Video

Using a green screen to create great video content when you you need a better background is a skill that requires practice and patience. With a solid understanding of the most fundamental aspects of filmmaking and video editing you can learn how to get a good shot out of even just so-so footage.

Here is a summary of the 5 key elements for producing great green screen video and getting professional quality results with chroma key from the video above:


Because using a green or blue screen entails using a physical object behind your subject, you’ll want to pay attention to how much distance to place between the two.

Screen Color and Quality

The decision as to whether to use a blue or green screen will be determined by two factors.

Once you’ve chosen a color, you have some options as to what quality and type of screen to use.

Light It Right

When lighting your scene, you must focus on lighting your screen and your subject independently. You can combine your lighting but that may lead to the issue of casting shadows on your screen.

Camera Types and Color Compression

The type of camera and settings you use will determine how seamlessly your green screen will transition to a background in post. You’ll want to start with an HD camera if possible.

Translation: Post-production Work

The post-production software you use will make all the difference in the scene you’re able to pull. Quality software can pull a good shot even out of sub-par footage.

A special thanks to for providing this embeddable video through their Vimeo channel! Check them out for TONS of great filmmaking tips and tutorials. 

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